Your business / You needs a better smart secure storage today.

A Few clicks you can manage documents, share document via email and whatsapp with higly security.


The smart files storage and sharing system

If anything is associated with the internet, then safety becomes our primary concern, and mostly the big and small businesses use cloud storage services, so before they choose a cloud service for their business, they make sure that service provided giving them better security.

The cloud storage saves your data across the redundant servers, so even if one of the data centers gets collapsed, your data will be managed by the other data centers, which make your data safe and supervised. If all the data centers of the storage provider get collapse or destroyed, then only your data could be lost, and this is entirely impossible phenomena because a cloud storage service is formed of thousands of data centers


Simple Documents Sharing

Documents are not directly share anyone, share link with secure PIN.


Share Timeout

Make sure your files are only shared for a set of time.


One click ask client's documents

Easly ask request to your client direct upload them documents using secure link and PIN with Upload, Download access.


Upload link will expire

Request time you can set expire date then after will automatic expired.



Ready to use folder structure for HR’s employee management.

Employee wise document and their information will be managed.

Manage periodic documents of your employees like TDS, Professional Tax, Form 16.

Give access to employees to download their own documents from secured link.

Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Document management.

Ease of access. Anytime anywhere availability.

Your employee data structurized manage.

Quick and easy Documents / Files Management System.

Ask your employeeto upload their documents using secure link and PIN in our organized structure with limited access.

Keep your files secure with client side encryption technology and control access to the files your share.

Share your documents easily and securely with a PIN via Whatsapp, SMS, Email for a limited time access.

Search and manage all your important documents at one place in few clicks.

Document expiry reminders.

Data security with Microsoft and AWS Server technology.

Setup your own Data server for storage.

Audit trial activity logs available for an entire system.

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